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CJ Jasenski Artist and Illustrator Profile Image

cj jasenski

I'm an Artist, Illustrator, Children's Book Author and owner of Artski journey began with the iconic Crayola 64 pack (with the sharpener in the back...the best!). 

Since those early days, I've been immersed in the world of art and illustration, solidifying my skills through every step of the creative process, from concept to development and implementation. 

My style ranges from abstract art to casual character design created in both Procreate as well as traditional methods including watercolor, gauche and acrylic on paper, canvas and wood. 

Throughout my career I have experienced a mix of creative roles, from restaurant and business development to graphic design, branding, and web development – always adding my creative vision and spin. I take pride in delivering clean work promptly and relish the relationships I've built with my clients over the years.


Currently, I'm seeking opportunities where I can share my art and illustration experience. I'm skilled at mocking existing styles and dig building characters, crafting editorial illustrations and producing cohesive designs and themes.

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